Summer camps 2015—'16
Speak English, Play, Learn, Make friends, Improve skills.

Summer camp has always been a fun thing to do. Children can escape from hot cities
and meet new people, try new things and learn new skills, challenge themselves
and appreciate nature
New perspective
You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

We wanted to experience as many things as we could under three weeks. We were interested in cultural exploration and travelled through time to discover archaic eggs, wave tracks, paper and brick making techniques, castle building, lancing, clothes washing in dirt, and a lot more. We made sure our students got the most of the time they spent with us.
2 weeks
Take a journey through the adventures
of Pre-historic, Medieval and the 20th century times.
Departing from Moscow, we will stay in one of the eco-friendly areas, where you can enjoy forest scavenger hunts, panda park trips and plenty of outdoor games.

Pre-historic times

Our first week was
all about ancient times
We brainstormed the facts that kids already knew about dinosaurs.
We studied word bank cards, traced the words, drew the picture with their favourite dino and compiled a fact sheet about
it on the ground.
We had lots of speaking projects, played "Dinosaur toss", "Dinosaur hop".

All the children learnt to play a number of other fantastic theme-related games and anticipated our next twists, "Dinosaur pancakes" as well as "Dino graffiti".
We also emerged into the world of the Ancient Egyptians during our first week. It was a great time of exploring the river Nile, mighty pharos, mysterious tombs and scary mummies. Kids had cooking classes every day, there they experienced all the challenges and merits of being chefs.
All our students expected a truly exciting camp tour, forest scavenger hunts, and "Panda Park" visits
We had segway rides treasure search, so no one was bored. Of course, we didn't only have physical activities. Our interactive plan included history study through experiments and logical quests. Our professional teaching crew was happy to help all our students to obtain new knowledge
and skills.
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